Designing Conversational Agents for Healthcare and Beyond

We work on simulating face-to-face counseling, primarily in health education and health behavior change interventions, with a particular focus on the relational aspects of these interactions and how they unfold over time.


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We are investigating the use of these Relational Agents in task domains in which human-agent relationships actually improve task outcomes, such as in coaching, counseling, psychotherapy and healthcare.

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Grand Rounds

Prof. Bickmore gave a Grand Rounds talk on Relational Agents for Cancer Prevention and Care at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit

November 7, 2019


Intelligent Virtual Agents 2018

RAG members had six papers accepted to the Intelligent Virtual Agents conference in Syndney, Australia.

July, 2018.

grant award

NSF Grant for Church-Based Community Health Project

RAG receives NSF Smart and Connected Communities grant to develop Church-based health intervention.

July, 2018.


Keynote at ECHW 2017

Prof. Bickmore gave the closing keynote at the e-Coaching conference in Amsterdam

January 26-27, 2017

grant award

NIH/NINR Grant for Palliate Care Agent.

RAG receives NIH R01 grant to develop agents for palliative care.

April, 2016.


Virtual Nurse System Licensed to Telerent Corp.

Virtual Nurse system licensed to Telerent Corp.

October, 2015.


Northeastern Hosts the IVA 2014 Conference

Northeastern University hosted the Intelligent Virtual Agents conference, [News report]

Aug 27-29, 2014


Secretary of Health and Human Services Reviews Virtual Nurse Project

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, received a demonstration of the Virtual Nurse from Carolyn Clancy, Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Oct 9, 2009


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Our team advance the state of the art through research and software engineering.

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